Habitat Land Company

What sets up apart


We are hunters, farmers, conservationists, landowners, and Habitat managers, just like you, operating a real estate brokerage for You.

Utilizing many years of first-hand experience in these areas as a platform for our quality service, combined with the knowledge gained over the years as real estate brokers and firm owners, we approach this outdoor market with a true understanding of your concerns, goals, and fears and your needs.

It’s not uncommon for Real Estate Agents to force their opinions, plans, and business template on buyers and sellers without ever hearing what you value and how you would like to do business. We pride ourselves on custom tailoring a plan to fit your needs and accomplish your goals in such a way that you feel as though you’ve just done business with your closest friend.

You have choices

For sellers we can present your property as publicly as anybody via the web and ads, both print and digital, or use a very private, efficient, direct contact approach to getting your ground or lodge sold for maximum dollars. We are extremely proactive in our daily quest to sell your property. Boots on the ground some call it, as opposed to waiting and hoping someone responds.

Our approach is no different on behalf of our buyer clients and friends. We realize property we have for sale, or already know about, may not be the one you want. We don’t push our agenda on you. Instead, we diligently search for properties that fit your criteria, including properties that may not be on the market. The only place we want to assist you in buying is the one that fits your needs.

Giving back

Finally, Habitat and conservation is most frequently referenced with regard to natural resources and wildlife. We spend most of the day ourselves thinking along these lines since it’s our passion. It may dominate our thoughts but we know that the most important resource is people. This is why we have partnered with organizations that promote and protect the human quality of life. With your sale or purchase of a property, a donation is made in your name via Habitat Land Company, to one of several organizations such as the Child Safety Center of White County (childsafetycenter.org).

Without any additional money out of your pocket…just by choosing Habitat Land Company to help you with your transaction, you not only accomplish your real estate goals on your terms, but you also feel the satisfaction of knowing you have had a big positive impact on the lives of many others that are unable to help themselves.

Meet Our Team

The Best Of The Best

Habitat Land Company is a true grassroots approach to the rural real estate market.
As our logo, the acorn represents a story that starts small, grows, and branches out.